Provincial Education Ministry

The Problem

Facing concerns about the manner in which K-12 education funding was being allocated to schools across the province, the Ministry engaged Amanda to conduct comprehensive research into funding models in all 10 Canadian provinces. The Ministry sought insight and intelligence into how other provinces determine funding allocations as inputs into a formal education funding model review.

The Solution

Amanda collaborated with the client to identify the dimensions of funding that would be most relevant to investigate, and met with the Assistant Deputy Minister and Chief Financial Officer to confirm the scope and approach. She then conducted extensive online research, synthesized information from funding model guides and annual financial reports, and interviewed education stakeholders from each province. She summarized her findings into a final written report and made a presentation to the Ministry’s leadership team. Based on the quality of her work, Amanda’s contract was extended to write a discussion paper outlining key themes for the planned education funding model review.


Comprehensive insights

into all 10 Canadian provincial K-12 education funding models

Specific insights

into funding for Indigenous students, special education, vulnerable students, rural education, and independent schools

A discussion paper

for the public to understand the scope and purpose of the funding model review

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