Provincial Auditor General’s Office

The Problem

While the Office was adept at auditing other government organizations, providing guidance on establishing performance indicators and reporting on performance, they actually struggled internally to set their own priorities and evaluate progress. Along with a colleague, Amanda was engaged to streamline and improve the annual operational planning process, develop a prioritization framework, and assist with quarterly reporting.

The Solution

Amanda and her colleague interviewed the Auditor General and all senior leadership team members. She facilitated workshops to develop an approach to simplifying the operational plan, and to establish new relevant and meaningful key performance indicators. Amanda then developed a custom performance management framework with an Excel tool to track and report on progress against each priority. The client was so pleased with the work that Amanda was re-engaged the following year to update and refresh the plan and framework.


A new Operational Plan

including priority activities and desired outcomes

A performance management framework

including key performance indicators

A quarterly KPI tracking and reporting tool

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