Investment Management Corporation

The Problem

The organization was implementing a new investment book of record system, and proactively sought assistance with decommissioning several legacy systems, tools and services that would no longer be required once the new platform went live. Amanda was engaged to perform analysis, develop a decommissioning strategy, and deliver detailed decommissioning plans for each item to be retired.

The Solution

Amanda met with key leaders and stakeholders in the information technology department to establish a fulsome list of systems, tools and services to clearly identify what was in scope for retirement. She collected and reviewed documentation for each, and developed an overall strategy with timelines to guide decommissioning planning. She then met individually with each application owner, and with external vendors providing applicable services, to develop detailed decommissioning plans with activities, resources and timing.


Shared understanding 

of applications or services to be retired, including dependencies, timing and implications

A comprehensive Legacy Decommissioning Strategy

including stakeholder impacts and data archiving considerations

Detailed decommissioning plans

for each application/service

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