Project Spotlight: Legacy Decommissioning Strategy

This project spotlight is definitely an example of work that fell outside of my area of expertise and skill set. Sometimes as a consultant you end up selling work that you may not feel qualified to do, but with an open mind and willingness to learn new things, you can deliver huge value to your clients.

In this case, the client was implementing a new financial system and needed help decommissioning several old legacy systems that would no longer be required once the new platform went live. I was brought on to perform analysis, develop a decommissioning strategy, and deliver detailed plans to retire each system (*I'm not an IT consultant*).

I started by meeting with IT department stakeholders to establish a fulsome list of systems, tools and services to clearly identify what was in scope for retirement. I collected and reviewed documentation for each, and developed an overall strategy with timelines to guide decommissioning planning. I then worked with each application owner to develop detailed decommissioning plans with activities, resources and timing.

By retiring these systems, the organization will reduce risk and save on maintenance & support costs.

Have you ever been hired to do something you've never done before? How did it go and what did you learn? Send me a note and tell me about it - [email protected].

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