Quitting a six-figure job with a consulting firm to start my own business was scary AF... but totally worth it

I have been working as a management consultant for 15 years, and I love what I do. Working with clients to solve complex problems and deliver high-quality work still gets me excited.

I spent several years at the beginning of my career working for one of the Big 4 global professional services firms.

At first, I loved it – I had brilliant colleagues around me, I was making a good salary, and was traveling around North America for interesting projects.

BUT, after having my two kids, I started to see that big consulting firms don’t always do the best job of setting young moms up for success.

While my company was actually very supportive of me, and allowed me to do an alternative work arrangement, I was really struggling.

I was supposed to work 70% of full time for 70% of my salary, but I was on a high-pressure client project, and ended up working way more than full time hours for $70,000 a year.

I had little control over my schedule, and I was incredibly stressed trying to take care of two little ones, run a household, and continue to deliver high-quality consulting services. I ended up getting completely burned out, physically and psychologically.

After taking a leave of absence to recover and ponder my options, I realized I truly love being a management consultant – I just could no longer fit into the big firm culture. I wanted to work on my own terms.

I gave my notice and started putting the wheels in motion to launch my own consulting business.

I was able to leverage my network and build my business largely through word of mouth and referrals, and I doubled my income in my first year.

Since then, I’ve grown and grown every year and now make about 4-5 times what I did working for that big consulting firm.

My goal now is to pay it forward and to try to be the role model I never had. I wnat to help you do the same thing I did – remove the limitations on how much you can earn AND gain more freedom and flexibility to enjoy your life outside of work.

I want to help you to see the potential to increase your income while gaining more flexibility and autonomy. I want you to gain the knowledge, confidence and practical advice on how to quickly establish your own business and begin working for yourself.

If you are struggling with a rigid work schedule, a cap on your earning potential, stress and burnout, and you want help to quickly establish your own business, my accelerated coaching program is for you.

Check out my Coaching page to sign up now.

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