Am I supposed to be GRATEFUL for a 2% raise?

At my very last performance review at Deloitte, I received a 2% raise and a bonus of maaaaybe $1,200.

This was after putting in an incredible amount of extra hours on a high-pressure, high-consequence client engagement where the client had paid Deloitte several hundred thousand dollars in fees for my work, but in turn I was being paid $70,000 a year.

My salary was technically $100,000 but with two kids under 6, I was on an alternative work arrangement where I was supposed to work 0.7 FTE in exchange for 70% of my salary. You can imagine that how well that worked out.

When I expressed disappointment, the partner told me "You should be happy with 2%, because many people got 0% this year".

This was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. FUCK THIS was the overwhelming feeling.

I gave my notice not long afterwards, and started my own consulting business. It was the BEST THING I've ever done for myself.

No more last minute requests for decks from the partner on a Friday afternoon for a client meeting Monday morning. No more bullshit raises. No more absurd pressure to work every night after I put my kids to bed and trying to keep up with all the men with stay-at-home wives and live-in nannies.

I'm now in full control of the clients I take on, the hours I work, and the revenue I generate.

This is my WHY for wanting to show other women in consulting that there's another path for them.

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