Project Spotlight: Whiteboard Explainer Videos


*note: video provided as an example, though the content is now somewhat out of date :)


This project spotlight falls squarely in the category of: "You want to pay me to do WHAT?"

Sometimes clients ask me to do work that is either unusual or something I've literally never done once before. In this situation, a client wanted me to develop a series of animated videos to communicate some complex technical information in a clear, simple, and engaging manner.

My answer was, "Ummmmm, ok?" and I quickly got to work researching different animation software and buying a high-quality microphone to record the voiceover. I developed storyboards, came up with ideas for visuals, designed the animations and selected background music.

Sometimes as a consultant you have to overcome your own fears about doing something new and learning on the fly. Turns out this was a super fun and highly profitable project for me, and I've actually sold subsequent work developing these types of videos for other clients.

Go out on a limb - say yes and try a new service offering!

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