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How Do You Know It's Time to Go?

During a recent group coaching call with the current group of aspiring consulting business owners in Take the Leap, we engaged in a lively discussion around how best to plan an exit from a full-time job.

Everyone had stories to share about their own current job situation, and everyone expressed a desire to exit on good terms with all of their important relationships intact.

It's a great idea to be very thoughtful and methodical in planning your exit, to act with integrity at all times, and to leave in such a way that leaves the door open to either return in the future or to provide consulting services back to your former employer.

If you're in 'planning mode' for your consulting business and putting your foundation in place, you should also be planning your exit. Here are some ideas to get you started.


Deciding 'when' to leave can be a complex and personal decision to make. When I left Deloitte, I gave my notice almost impulsively and didn't put a ton of thought or...

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